Timeout can't be negative wsdl error in Coldfusion

I got an error in Coldfusion today that I had never seen before:

timeout can't be negative

The error occurred when making a call to a webservice. The webservice call was working fine yesterday. I did some Googling but didn’t have much luck in determining why this was happening suddenly.

I traced back over the previous day trying to figure out what I had changed. There was a query that kept timing out, so I had experimented with changing the query timeout setting under the advanced datasource options in cfadmin. Its the only timeout setting I knew of, so I changed it back to its default value of 0. Suddenly my webservice call worked again!

I tried to repeat the error by setting the config back to how it was. But was unable to get the call to fail again.

PointClickPress 6 alpha and closed beta

On June 1st I released the alpha 6 build of PointClickPress and at the same time setup a closed beta for the free PCP website. I want to get a few people hacking on the site before I open it up to everyone. If you’re interested in building your own point-and-click browser games shoot me an email: dan at danielgaspar.com